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Researchers unveil coffee genome behind its hidden secrets

Posted on: Feb 9 2016 - 11:42am | Comments Off
In: Science

International researchers have sequenced a coffee genome that helped them uncover some mysteries of the popular morning energiser. For the research, Victor Albert, from the Department of Biological Sciences at the University at Buffalo in New York, and colleagues studied the genome of the Robusta coffee (Coffea canephora), which accounts for about 30 percent of the world’s coffee production and is common in instant coffee. The team found that the coffee plant is rich in enzymes involved in the production of caffeine. Albert explained that coffee shared the same ancestor with chocolate and tea millions of years ago. The researchers speculate that caffeine biosynthesis has evolved many times in different plant groups, and the caffeine-producing...

Outbreak of Tuberculosis in Alabama Prisons

Nine cases of tuberculosis have been diagnosed in the prisons in Springville Alabama which is the highest recorded till date. State director of TB control, Pam Barrett, has advised not to accept new inmates as the prison is already housing too many prisoners. The prisoners residing there presently will not be allowed to be transferred. The Centers for Disease Control...

Posted on: Sep 4 2014 - 4:01am | Comments Off
In: Health

Is Anxiety Treated?


Anxiety treatments usually involve consultation from a psychological counselor and antidepressants. These combinations have been known as the best way to treat this health condition and acne. The problem is, there are not many people who will actually seek medical attention and treat their anxiety disorder problem. Many of them have the misconception and thought the symptoms are not...

Breast Cancer

Researchers find no link between wearing a bra and breast cancer

Postmenopausal women are not at an increased risk of developing breast cancer if they wear a bra, a new study published in...